Who is Nabiki?
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  She's fascinating, she's intelligent, she's clever... and she's an unmatched troublemaker!
Nabiki, after having a daughter, has had to review all of her projects, especially to get rich by selling the family dojo.
So Nabiki has become a psychologist that is greatly appreciated, although sometimes her own patients (and not only them) have some doubts about her mental state!
    Of the three daughters of Soun Tendo, Nabiki was the one who loved money above all else.
She was an unrivaled breaker, chicaner and cheater, and her purely materialistic mentality didn't make her very likeable to her peers.
Looking back now she even laughs at it, saying that in those days she couldn't think of anything but the way to become the richest girl in Japan, a project destined to remain unfinished due to the birth of her daughter Sanae.
At that time Nabiki was only 18, she was just a young girl, and having a child had radically changed her life. Her mind was a lot of problems, sometimes even useless, and felt different from her peers, who spoke of parties and boys, and she knew that the difference would last forever.
But by now Nabiki had made her decision, and she would never have come back... giving up meant giving up Sanae, and she, however selfish and cynical she was, could never have coexisted with such guilt.
The years passed quickly and Sanae had learned to say mum, to walk, to tantrum, to ride a bike and, finally, had started going to school.
It was more or less at that time that Nabiki, who in the meantime had become one of the most famous supermodels in the world, decided to go and live alone.
She was tired of Tokyo, a metropolis in which a young woman like her could only expect to become the secretary or assistant of some wealthy colleague (she had a degree in psychology and she had decided to leave the fashion world to follow that new road )... it was not for what she had done so many sacrifices.
That wasn't the life she wanted.
She decided to go and look for luck in a city far from Tokyo: Aomori City.
Nabiki's choice wasn't accidental: a few years ago she and her sisters had inherited a home from an old paternal aunt. It was so bad that neither Kasumi nor Akane wanted it
"It still standing just because the paint has dried up!" Kasumi had said, but Nabiki decided to have it restored... to sell it to the highest bidder!
However, once the work was completed and after having funded some of his savings, the house liked it so much that she decided to keep it for herself.
The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčrelocating didn't go down to her family, but Nabiki was 26, and she was free to do whatever she wanted.
The beginning of his new solo adventure wasn't at all easy, but after sweating the fateful seven shirts (maybe even more) she opened a studio of his own. Nabiki loved her new job, and helping people overcome their fears made her feel useful.
What could she wish for more?
Maybe a little less hectic life...
Alias None
Age 33 years old
Height 1.83m (without heels)
Weight 72Kg
Measures 112-67-98
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Birthplace Tokyo (Nerima)
  Tokyo prefecture
Job Former super model
  Now psychologist
Marital status Divorced
Sons Sanae (15 years old)
  After leaving the fashion world Nabiki has become one of the best psychologists in Japan (even though she's actually a psychiatrist), loved and respected by her colleagues and patients, even though she has been suffering from severe stress crises, which makes her character very unstable, so much so that Ukyo very often must warn patients "Be very careful as you speak to Dr. Tendo, today is a little out of mind... yes, more than usual!".
Nonetheless, she always manages to maintain her self-control, even in situations where she would like to lash out and destroy (literally) the people who provoke her.
    Nabiki isn't only an incredibly tall and curvy woman, but she is also very clever and intelligent.
Her high IQ (176 points) is due to a rare brain malformation.
    Contrary to what one might think, Nabiki has learned to fight to be able to stand up for herself and has learned in a few years what anyone would learn in a lifetime.
Even if She doesn't seem like it, She's very fast and strong, to the point of being able to fight against more than one opponent at the same time. She also knows how to tolerate pain very well and, even if she's badly hit.
    Nabiki is the only person in the world that Ranma is really afraid of.
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