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The world of Nabiki isn't different from ours (in fact, it's exactly the same), there are endless messes there too, but there is one thing in particular: the story of a girl attached to money who, over time, has understood quite a few things.  
The origins: Ranma nibun no ichi    
It all started the day Ranma Saotome and his father arrived at the Tendo home returning from China (where, shortly before, thanks to Genma's idiocy they had gone to train in a place full of cursed springs... and needless to say that both of them had fallen in), but what Soun Tendo and his three daughters didn't know was the incredible amount of trouble the two would bring with them.    
    The evolution: A day like any others
    But years pass and the curse (somehow) was broken allowing Ranma to live a normal life... but in the meantime Nabiki had to face one of the most difficult moments of her young life... and it's a few years later that we see her as the protagonist of a new series of adventures:
A day like any others!
Nabiki the supermodel...    
Nabiki, by pure chance, became a model and, in just a few years, has become (despite her ample curves not suited to the world of fashion) one of the highest paid top models in the world. Revered as one of the most beautiful women in the world, our heroine was able to ride her success despite her messing up a lot (especially after learning to fight).    
    ... and Nabiki the psichologist
    Everything has an end and Nabiki, also due to a terrible accident that directly involved her, has decided to retire definitively to go live in the distant Aomori City and start her new career as a psychologist.
A house in Aomori city    
Nabiki's house in Aomori City has a special history. It belonged to a paternal aunt who had married a Dutch merchant and, since the two had no children, the house was inherited by Soun's daughters, but neither Kasumi nor Akane (because, according to Kasumi, it was only standing because it the glue had dried up) they wanted it and so they were happy to "donate" it to Nabiki...    
    My friend is a cop!
    Sentaro, as many of you know, is a police officer of Aomori City famous for being an unparalleled goofball, but his best friend was none other than one of the five highest paid top models in the world... how come he and Nabiki are became friends?

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