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First part
I'm Nabiki!
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Version: M4.30
Cover image art: Mako-Fufu
Script: Gigi800
Story designed by: Gigi800
Pages: 50
Pages dimension: 2178x1400px
Available from: 23.08.2021
Part: 1 of 2
Status: Complete (Updated version)
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Many years have passed since Genma Saotome returned from China bringing with him his only son and heir, betrothed to one of the three daughters of his friend Soun Tendo, and since then many things have changed: Ranma, after getting rid of the curse that haunted him, married Akane, Ukyo has become an army officer, Kasumi a doctor who works in the emergency room of a big hospital in Tokyo, Xian-pu (Shampoo) didn't return to China and, after accepting the marriage between Ranma and Akane, opened a dojo of her own...
And what about Nabiki?
Nabiki Tendo
Akane Tendo
Kasumi Tendo
Ukyo Kuonji
Sanae Tendo
Ranma Saotome
The panda
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