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Eighth part
In the dark The mistery island
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Version: M3.10
Cover image art: Gigi800
Script: Gigi800
Story designed by: Gigi800
Pages: 63
Pages dimension: 2063x1400px
Available from: 26.06.2023
Part: 2 of 3
Status: Complete
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Hashima Island, an island off the coast of Nagasaki prefecture, was abandoned by its population due to the closure of the coal mine. The island, considered by many to be populated by obscure presences, has become known again due to a long series of inexplicable events that no one is able to explain: apparitions of monstrous creatures along the coasts and very strong lights which, at night, completely illuminated the island. The task of solving the mystery is entrusted to an unusual research team: a ghost sweeper, two psychologists, a friend of theirs and the ghost of a girl who has been dead for centuries...
Nabiki Tendo
Ukyo Kuonji
Kaori Kobe
Reiko Mikami
The Demoness
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