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  Nabiki, Ukyo & Co.  
  Nabiki, her two sisters, their friend Ukyo and their former enemy Xian-pu have grown up and have become women each grappling with their own lives and with all the good things and the troubles that existence on this world entails. These, however, are the main characters of the webcomic "A day like any others".  
Nabiki Tendo    
She's fascinating, she's intelligent, she's clever... and she's an unmatched troublemaker! Nabiki, after having a daughter, has had to review all of her projects, especially to get rich by selling the family gym. So Nabiki has become a psychologist that is greatly appreciated, although sometimes her own patients have some doubts about her mental state!
Ukyo Kuonji    
She was Ranma's childhood friend before (although he was convinced that Ukyo was a boy) and his promised bride then.
Ukyo is an exceptional girl: has a terrifying force and a strong character, but all have limitations...
Kasumi Tendo    
Who would have thought that the sweet Kasumi had decided to become a doctor?
And who would have thought that she would accept a job in an emergency room?
Kasumi, moreover, has always loved the challenges... but especially she loves to help those in need.
Akane Tendo    
Akane, the youngest of three Tendo sisters, has become a beautiful young woman, she married the boy she loves and has inherited the family martial arts gym... it would seem that everything goes well... but Akane is always Akane!
Xian-pu (Shampoo)    
Xian-Pu (or shampoo) the Amazon, who would do anything to be able to take away Ranma from Akane, has become a beautiful girl with a strong business sense, to the point to build a gym of her own in the same neighborhood of the Tendo's family gym. Whether she did it on purpose or not, with a similar "neighbor" the trouble for Ranma and Akane are just beginning!
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