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  Nabiki is the second daughter of Soun Tendo.
Beautiful, greedy and cunning, she's a true artist of deception and blackmail, that which never misses the opportunity to make profit from any situation, going so far as to sell to her classmates embarrassing photos of her sister Akane and Ranma turned into a girl...
But where were we?
We left that she was a seventeen year old girl attached in a morbid way to money... and now here she is, a 33 years old woman with a daughter struggling with everyday life.
Which adventures awaits her?
A day like any others
Nabiki, Ukyo & Co.
Nabiki's world
  How are things going for Nabiki?
Better than she imagined when, a few years earlier, she arrived in Aomori City, the city where she had decided to go to live after interrupting her brilliant career in the fashion world (she quickly became one of the most famous supermodels in the world) to pursue that of psychologist and where Ukyo, her best friend, lived, who at the time of Nabiki's definitive move was recovering from a bad accident that happened to her during a rescue operation.
Sanae, Nabiki's daughter, has grown into a shy and selfless little girl, the exact opposite of her mother, whom she adores.
After a brief but troubled marriage, Nabiki has returned to being (in spite of herself) a young single mother appreciated by her patients for her skill in understanding and healing the fears of people when criticized because of her too lively character and her bad habit of dress provocatively.
Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Akane has finally fulfilled her dream by marrying her Ranma and inheriting the family gym (which Nabiki would have more than willingly sold) thus starting to follow in her father's footsteps by becoming a full-fledged martial arts teacher.
And everything would have gone perfectly if Xian-pu hadn't decided to open a gym of her own in the same street where the Tendo family's dojo is located...
The gamer cat.

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